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Consider a NIATx Aim

The focus of NIATx and this toolkit are not open-ended. It is specifically designed to help teams make rapid progress on whichever of the four NIATx aims you choose to target. The four aims are:

  • Reduce waiting time
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Increase continuation
  • Increase admissions

Before going further, confirm that at least one of these aims, if not all, is important to you, and that you can see how it might contribute to improved outcomes and financial strength.

Because accomplishing one aim contributes to accomplishing the next, we recommend that you work on the NIATx aims in this sequence:

1. Reduce waiting times 2. Reduce No-Shows 3. Increase continuation within one level of care 4. Increase continuation between levels of care

You might follow a different sequence if:

  • Waiting times are already short or you are providing same day service
  • No-show rates are already low (less than 20 percent)
  • Continuation rates are already high (more than 80 percent)
  • Transitions to the next level of care are already high (more than 80 percent)
  • The payer mix is favorable and diverse
  • The agency’s financial profile is strong
  • Staff is enthusiastic about a particular promising practice and working on that change will gain support for other projects.