Tell Your Story

A storyboard is used to communicate a written message in a public setting. Storyboards can be used to communicate the progress and/or success of a project to different audiences.

Storyboards should take no more than 30 minutes to prepare.


You should design your storyboard to fit on a single piece of foam core measuring 30×40 inches. We recommend that you design your content in PowerPoint slides (nine slides is the ideal number), using a clear font (e.g., Arial or Times Roman) at 16 pt. font size or larger. A combination of text, graphs, and pictures is commonly used—be creative and keep it simple!

Simply print your storyboard items (PowerPoint slides or other) and attach to the foam board. Materials needed for storyboard construction: foam core, display easels, paperclips, glue, staples, scissors, markers, map pins, etc.


  • Project title and aim
  • Listing of team members
  • Photograph of the team
  • Target level of care, population, and facility
  • Changes tested/activities implemented
  • Data associated with your tracking measures: include baseline, performance to-date, & targets for future improvement
  • Business case for the aim
  • Next steps, i.e. future changes/activities


  • Select one or two of the most interesting/successful areas of your project to showcase.
  • Clearly reference progress made from the clients perspective.